Christmas is coming….

But I’m still in black. Nobody likes those corny old Santa suit pictures anymore, do they?

I’ve been dressed as Santa, worn red underwear with a big floppy bow so I look like a parcel (sadly that’s not one service that I can offer, for the moment at least).

What does everyone think – naughty costumes or traditional hot lingerie and nightwear?  xx

2 responses to “Christmas is coming….”

  1. John says:

    Hot Lingerie and nightwear anytime! But maybe to get into the seasonal spirit, just a few pieces of mistletoe placed where we could kiss you under them…. x

  2. Carlos says:

    Well it looks like a couple of things are trying to get out of the sexy black underwear already! So please mix it up for a Christmas special and give me some sexy red 😍 xx

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