First time for you?

So you’re thinking about visiting but it’s your first time with an escort?

Seeing an escort for the first time can be a terrifying experience. Of course I wouldn’t know personally, but that’s what some of the men I’ve known have told me.

So would you like some advice? Take the plunge, and you will be very pleasantly surprised. That’s because I regularly meet people who are trying this for the first time – and believe me, they aren’t all young. Many of my clients are older people who may not have tried this before.

Perhaps they are lonely, because something in their life has changed. Or perhaps they are in an unfulfilled relationship and do not want the complications of an affair.

They could be worried about their “performance” – perhaps they have had a few knockbacks before. Or perhaps they are disabled or not in full health.

If you fall into these categories, my advice would be to seek out somebody who will listen, and be sympathetic. I am well used to seeing people in this situation, and I will make sure you are looked after, whatever it is you need or want.

(Of course, if you’re just here looking for a naughty picture, go here.)

2 responses to “First time for you?”

  1. Carlos says:

    Looking good Sophie 😋.
    And gents, don’t be nervous or delay, go see Sophie and be very well looked after!

  2. Tom says:

    I just wish i was nearer you. That is such sensitive advice.

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