I’m your “flexible friend”…..

If you are of a certain age then you may remember that old credit card ad for “your flexible friend” – well, that’s me!

Of course I don’t take credit cards, but in every other way, that’s how I work.

You may be looking for a “friend with benefits” – someone you can talk to, someone who won’t judge you…

Say you’re in a relationship but unhappy, for one reason or another. You may crave companionship but not want the complications and potential nightmares of an “affair”.

You may want a strings-free relationship without emotional feelings coming in to it.

That’s where a flexible friend like me can come in. Some clients say I’m like a girlfriend, but without all the baggage that such a relationship can bring.

You can say anything (as long as it’s respectful) and do things you might not have dreamed of before.

In return, I’ll keep your secrets, won’t judge, will offer you sympathy and generally will be just like a friend. Anything we say and do will be our secret.

How about it?

One response to “I’m your “flexible friend”…..”

  1. John says:

    I remember it well, I’m still flexible too, enough to get my hands joining yours on the stairs, but you may need me take off your dress and panties first xx

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