Missed my wake-up call and this happened!

I’m stark naked. So there I am lying – totally naked – in bed when there’s a loud ringing of the doorbell.

I’d only forgotten my blog photography appointment – and there he is ready to go, and I’m just surfacing….

With no prepared wardrobe and no great plans we thought we’d go freestyle this time and do a fly on the wall photo-session of me getting up and ready for the day.

So keep an eye on this blog over the next few weeks as all (well most) of me will be revealed!

To start off this was what the snapper caught while I was lying there trying to think of an excuse. Hmmm, heavy night? Don’t think that will work.

To be honest, by the end of the session he wasn’t too unhappy, at least he had a bit of a smile on his face…. xx


One response to “Missed my wake-up call and this happened!”

  1. John says:

    Did you answer the door like that?
    Don’t put on clothes for my benefit, I like the way you are in this picture x

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