A very Happy Easter to you all!

I thought about a bunny costume, but I’m not sure that’s what you’d want to...

Keep watching

For the best pics ever! x

Upstanding for the start of the week?

I am – the question is, are you? Cheeky. Some new pictures coming this week,...


And here is something for the weekend…… x

A cheeky shot …

Photographer’s obviously trying to look up my pants! x

Getting that weekend feeling

Are you getting it? x

If you’re NOT a leg man…

..then what else would you like to see? x

Any ‘leg men’ around here?

If so then I have a couple of things that you might like! x

Wow, busy since I got back….

Time to relax as it’s Friday, though x

At the top of the stairs…

You might find something you like…. x

Seeing is believing

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