Little blue frilly knickers

Here they are. What do you think?  x

It’s going to be Hot, Hot, Hot….. so here’s my Bot….

So I am stripped down to my undies looking forward to seeing you in the...

What a way to spend a morning!

Today I decided my latest photoshoot would be all about underwear, and getting all close...

See life from a new angle…..

Come up and see me sometime soon!! xx

I’m not naked…

In fact I have all my clothes on in this pic… But I hope you’ll...

After all that running about up and down stairs ..

.. I’m looking forward to a nice lie down. Anyone here care to join me?...

Please feel free to come upstairs…..

Would you like me to lead the way? No peeking, now!  xx

Well, Hello There..

Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?...

Many thanks for the naughty comments, guys

Do I take it you like my legs bare?

Stockinged feet to bare feet….

… In one easy movement. Stockings are coming off here and wow, my legs are...

Seeing is believing

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