Keep unwrapping!

Take it off! x

Time to start unwrapping your present!

Let’s make a start with the outer wrapping…. x

Want to play a great Christmas game I just invented?

Rules are simple, just keep watching my blog to unwrap your present – oh, by...

He was so keen to get a close-up…

… that he left my face out of the picture! Never mind, he didn’t miss...

If you liked me climbing the stairs…

Then you might like this close-up! x

Like it or not, Christmas is nearly with us!

And I’ll be delighted to let you have a special present – but only if...

Come upstairs and I’ll be waiting!

Looking forward to seeing you very soon xx

Got your presents yet?

Thought not. No problem, after all, the one you really need to treat this year...

Black Friday is coming up!

It’s only Thursday, but I know you appreciate a bit of black lingerie…. and I...

Relaxing time..

…and I look like I’m about to pop out of my top.. oo-er Madam!  

Seeing is believing

Why not see what this mature escort in Bedfordshire has to offer?....Relax, and let your senses be free.

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