It’s finally Christmas!

And I for one am having a merry time! 🙂 I’m working from Monday 28th...

Last orders for Christmas…

You know you deserve a special present just for yourself this year. Just between you...

Who’d like to help trim my tree?

Cheeky.…. but if you want to see me very soon, you need to know that I’m working...

Sexy Santa, anyone?

Still time to come down the chimney before Christmas! x

All I want for Christmas..

is for you admirers out there who have never called on me to think about...

Your Christmas stocking teaser

What have you promised yourself for Christmas this time? You know, you deserve something out...

Legs and company…

The two go together very well!

Legging it….

Hope you like x

More Christmas promise

Anyone else wanting to get legless this year? 🙂 x

December tomorrow…. so perhaps a little hint of Christmas promise?

Just a hint….. what are you gentlemen treating yourselves for Christmas this year?

Seeing is believing

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