This is what I look like out of the bath..

.. and all ready to go out for a great evening. If you’d like to...

Not stripped but in the bath

Maybe next time boys – but you can see a few interesting bits and bobs…..

In the bath

So, would you like to see me naked in here, or what? x


And here I am in my brand new luxury bath. What? You want me to...

Glad you like the bathroom..

.. those of you who noticed. Would you like to bring your loofah and give...

Like my new bathroom?

I think it’s amazing… looking forward to your visit so you can see for yourself....

Old fashioned long stockings..

Thought you might like this one…. x

Are my seams straight?

I’m an old-fashioned girl in some ways and I do like nice stockings… would you...

Hello guys – I’m Back!

After a bit of downtime including a nice holiday I’m back in action online and...

One hot weekend.

Hey guys, are you warm enough? Everything is nice and cool over here…. why not...

Seeing is believing

Why not see what this mature escort in Bedfordshire has to offer?....Relax, and let your senses be free.

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