Say Yes to the Dress

… coming off 🙂 x

Still early for Christmas, but…

.. you are allowed to dream about unwrapping your present! x

Now I’m upstanding….

… and the clothes are starting to come off…. x

I can exclusively reveal…..

Whether or not I have any underwear on in this shot x

Panties or no panties?

Well, Nigel, I’d only have to move my dress a bit for you to be...

Waiting for your thoughts..

on what you think I have on underneath the blue dress……. imagine us together at...

Hate to say it, but Christmas is coming….

Would you like someone nice on your arm for any of those social events you’re...

Thinking naughty Monday thoughts

And I bet you are, too….  If you are on the same wavelength as me,...

Clothed, but hopefully still sexy

Would you like to see me in just my undies next? x

OK, another in the old Birthday Suit

For your delectation…. x

Seeing is believing

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