Lovely to hear what you’d like to do to me, guys…

..but while anticipation is truly half of the fun, all you need to do is...

Thank you for your kind comments

… especially the unprintable ones! Any leg men in  the room?  x

As you can see….

… I haven’t been indulging too much in the old Easter Egg guzzling over the...

Enjoy those Easter Eggs?

Perhaps you should exercise to work them off. But before you run around the block,...

A very Happy Easter to you all!

I thought about a bunny costume, but I’m not sure that’s what you’d want to...

Keep watching

For the best pics ever! x

Upstanding for the start of the week?

I am – the question is, are you? Cheeky. Some new pictures coming this week,...


And here is something for the weekend…… x

A cheeky shot …

Photographer’s obviously trying to look up my pants! x

Getting that weekend feeling

Are you getting it? x

Seeing is believing

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