Come on up!

Heaven’s above!  I’m waiting for you… with a nice surprise when you get here x

Right. Hands up….

Who’d like to be on here with me? x

Another bot shot

Photographer likes them x

More garden legs

Just managed to get out for a few pics before the weather started getting colder…...

Pity the Summer has to end….

… when I have spent so much time working on my tan… how about the...

A clean pair of heels….

Thought you might like to check🙂 x

It’s Monday, and the weather ain’t too grand….

..but I’m feeling happy! What are you feeling? 🙂 x


Anybody see any white bits? Take a good long look… and if you’d like to...

How can I refuse?

You want more? OK, here’s a full length on the stairs…. x

How am I doing?

Another pic for you here – are you liking them, and would you like to...

Seeing is believing

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