Back in action….

Just cooling my heels in this lovely warm weather….

I challenge you….

.. to keep looking me in the eye…… x

Lovely weather out there….

Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am! x


Just to let you know as from 27th june to the 14th July, I’m having...

Looking forward to the weekend?

I certainly am, feeling nice and relaxed….. x

Killer Heels?

I love my killer heels… goes with the new hairstyle too x

On the stairs.. a leg shot

What do you think, do you like my legs? x

Keep the eyes on the hair, boys

No peeking anywhere else…..x

What do you think of the new hairstyle?

I thought you might like some pics of my new shorter style – want to...

Something for the weekend?

Corny line, but you might like this pic x Some sexy new ones coming up!

Seeing is believing

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