The Heat Goes On….

Not in my room, lovely AC….. see? I’m cool as a cucumber! x

Hot outside but it’s really cool in here with me!

Those of you sweltering in the heatwave should be thinking about coming around here to...

Back in action….

Just cooling my heels in this lovely warm weather….

I challenge you….

.. to keep looking me in the eye…… x

Lovely weather out there….

Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am! x


Just to let you know as from 27th june to the 14th July, I’m having...

Looking forward to the weekend?

I certainly am, feeling nice and relaxed….. x

Killer Heels?

I love my killer heels… goes with the new hairstyle too x

On the stairs.. a leg shot

What do you think, do you like my legs? x

Keep the eyes on the hair, boys

No peeking anywhere else…..x

Seeing is believing

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