Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope someone special in your life is looking after you today. If not, you...

Bottom’s up….

What are you doing over there… get over here right this minute! x

I’m getting naughtier by the minute here…..

Why not join in? x

So I take off my coat….

See anything you like? x

While there’s a nip in the air out there….

…I’ll keep my warm coat on. In here, of course, things are much warmer. If...


Winter’s finally with us, and the temperatures are right down,  so if you’d like to...

Some new pics to come this week….

We’ll be working hard to bring you the kind of pics you like! x

Cheeky pic…

Here for you … x

I need unwrapping….

For those who still have that Christmas feeling – or are looking forward to next...

Under the weather….

Well, mild it may be but it’s pretty gloomy out there. Allow me to brighten...

Seeing is believing

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