A touch of class…

..even though I say it myself, looking brisk and businesslike this morning. Would you like...

OK.. so you’ve got me on the bed…

Now what? x

Let’s lie down and relax…

Lose some of the less important clothes as we go… x

What shall we take off first?

I’ll turn my back while you disrobe…. x Then it’s my turn….

Right… now to get some clothes off..

Would you like to accompany me into my room?

Now for a quick rest… the top of the stairs…. keep watching x

Halfway up the stairs…

Good place to stop and pose…. x

2014 is going to be a great year… the man said. And it starts here….. x

Any boob men here?

How about this? x

Well, the Christmas trees are coming down…

And I’m working on a new set of pics for you! Until then… keep watching!...

Seeing is believing

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