Hot and cheeky!

That’s me today… just the thing for the warm weather….xx

Warning: a bit see-through

Those who have a problem with ladies’ bottoms might want to give this a miss…....

What would YOU do with my knickers….

.. if I said they were available? Take this pair, for instance… x

Kissable, yes, take a look

Unfortunately, my photographer was so overcome when I was doing a quick change that he...

Little white shorts

What do you think of these? (Yes, I know you’d like them to come down…)...

Little blue frilly knickers

Here they are. What do you think?  x

It’s going to be Hot, Hot, Hot….. so here’s my Bot….

So I am stripped down to my undies looking forward to seeing you in the...

What a way to spend a morning!

Today I decided my latest photoshoot would be all about underwear, and getting all close...

See life from a new angle…..

Come up and see me sometime soon!! xx

I’m not naked…

In fact I have all my clothes on in this pic… But I hope you’ll...

Seeing is believing

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