Phew! An April Scorcher!

Some Like It Hot – but not everyone does, so that’s why I invested in a portable air conditioner a little while back. But I never thought I’d end up needing it in April!

Anyway, just goes to show, if you like to stay cool during your encounters, come up and see you sometime and I’ll help you make sure things don’t get too overheated!

Now how about a nice cool view of my bum in white panties? In case you missed it, the front view was here….

2 responses to “Phew! An April Scorcher!”

  1. Carlos says:

    Turn the a/c off and let’s get hot and steamy! That bum is already smokin’ 🔥

  2. John says:

    White hot! Watch out you don’t set off the fire alarm. Xx

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