Well, you seemed to give my legs a thumbs-up…

…but then not all of you commented, did you? Naughty boys. Here’s another chance to see what you think. As a special reward I’ll post a special pic for the best comment…. will I be seeing you before Christmas?

3 responses to “Well, you seemed to give my legs a thumbs-up…”

  1. Carlos says:

    Oh yes the legs, but don’t unfairly leave out the rest! I do hope to see it all before Christmas…!! xx

  2. Michael says:

    Absolutely – guess nobody could resist such beautiful legs.

    However not until the New Year sadly.

    A Very Happy Xmas in the meatime xxxx

  3. John says:

    Sophie, it’s not my thumbs that are up! Your legs just keep getting longer, but let’s see the rest of your gorgeous body too, lots of lacy undies and stockings. Xxx

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