You want the lady in red?

You wanted me dressed in red?

At least, my photographer mentioned there had been one or two on here who wanted me dressed in red, here’s his cheeky suggestion.

Well, they are red (almost) . And they are on (almost).

I hope he was not looking at anything he shouldn’t have been.

But then he’s a naughty boy, a bit like you. xx

4 responses to “You want the lady in red?”

  1. Carlos says:

    Whoa!! They’re a very sexy pair, particularly in that position!
    Your photographer is a lucky man I say!! xx

  2. John says:

    Oh Yes, Red knickers always look best on the bedroom floor… x

  3. John says:

    Second thoughts…. Maybe we should see these sexy bits of string on you first. Hope you have matching bra too. X

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