Hello, Gentlemen! My name is Sophie.

I am so glad you have found me.

With me, gentlemen, you will experience much more fantastic fun, sophisticated and sexy sensuality, awesome arousal and pure passion than you have ever thought possible.
I am an independent escort who really does adore men and wants to get to know them as individuals. My time with you will always be very special.
I am based in Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire where you may visit me for an intimate encounter with complete discretion. But I am happy to travel further afield. Lunches, dinners, visits to hotels or for those I know to your own home are all possible.

When you are with me, you will have my total attention every minute.Of course, I have my own preferences, stirred by the Italian blood flowing so passionately within my veins. As you might expect: I love to be with men who are well-groomed and I am seriously attracted to those over thirty who enjoy the finer things as well as fun – with me of course – in their lives.

Take a few moments to look at the pictures of me on this website. Take more than a few if need be, as you drink in all that I can offer you. Then, gentlemen: no more hesitation: pick up that phone and call me.

If I can’t take your call just leave your number and I will get back to you. Or send an email and I shall contact you.
Don’t delay a moment longer: the time is now absolutely right for you to enter Sophie’s World.


Your eyes will be captivated by my natural size 12 figure, such a temptation as you gaze with longing upon my magnificent 34G cleavage. Step-by-seductive-step every delicious part of me will lead you to an unimagined paradise.

Together, we shall laugh and talk. And then, as your heartbeat quickens … I know that you will want to feel me so close to you. So close as your hand stretches out to touch me intimately. And I so much want this myself, to feel you very, very close to me, around me, within me.

At times you may need a sympathetic, educated, intelligent, mature, listening ear, helping to soothe your cares and troubles. Perhaps over lunch or dinner in a restaurant, seeing with pleasure the eyes of other men and women drawn to the fabulous, elegant and sexy woman sitting opposite you. There may be occasions when you want a night on the town. Not alone but feeling the closeness of a seductive woman by your side.

Should you so desire, come as a couple to see me or ask me to invite one of my girlfriends to join us, when your pleasure will be more than doubled by my genuine bisexuality. Should you wish to express your feminine side and share your secret passions with me,you will find a sincere warmth and genuine understanding of all your needs awaits you.
If you simply want to explore all that you may find within my boudoir, you will find me waiting for you, willing and eager. And, don’t forget, I just love gentlemen who wish to make out time together as enjoyable as possible for both of us.

You will find me just a short walk from Leighton Buzzard Station. Ready and waiting just for you.

Meeting Sophie
“As Sophie walked up the stairs, leading me to her bedroom, I just knew that my life was about to change. Then she stood before me in her exquisitely alluring lingerie and I, aroused as never before, felt as though I was on the point of exploding: mind, body and soul.”

“When I hear her voice on the end of the phone, my heart skips a beat, and I just cannot wait to be with her again.”

“Any nerves I had disappeared within seconds as Sophie calmed my fears; and very soon, I felt as though I had known her all my life.”
“Sophie, you are just so much fun.”

“We had just returned to our hotel room from a wonderful meal during which I noticed many men, and women too, stealing glances at Sophie: she looked incredible. I was so proud to have her with me. She asked me to unzip her and then turned to face me. Smiling into my eyes. Then suddenly with the gentlest movement her dress slipped to the floor and she gracefully stepped out of it. I saw revealed her silky lingerie and the awesome beauty of her figure. Everything I had dreamed of. Without any conscious thought, my hands reached out for her and she came to me. I have never been so aroused, wanting her so very much.”

“Tonight after two hours with Sophie I left walking on air feeling like a million, no – a billion dollars.”

“With each delightful breath I took in her wonderful company, Sophie’s perfume filled my head and conquered my senses.”

“With each movement I made, Sophie responded so passionately to intensify my pleasure, to increase my arousal, to bring me closer and closer to the edge. But there was no disappointment of previous ‘wam, bam, thank you mam and goodbye sir’ encounters – for she is skilled in the art of patient seduction, caressing me here, there and everywhere with hands and lips and tongue, pushing me towards total ecstasy. Showing me that to him who waits comes the ultimate prize worth winning. A prize Sophie encourages me to win again and again.”
“Not for a second did she seem conscious of the clock. She made me feel as if our time together was stretching towards infinity.”

“Sophie is seductive perfection.”

“Sophie’s gallery and blog are full of erotic temptations. Her photographs, always so enticing, drive you wild with desire. And when faced with such fantastically provocative temptations, the only thing to do is give in. And experience the truly fabulous, stunning and totally sexy real thing.”

Seeing is believing

Why not see what this mature escort in Bedfordshire has to offer?....Relax, and let your senses be free.

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